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eParenting High Tech Kids Workshop

Join us to learn how digital media can be used as a positive tool.
Many programs for parents about digital media focus on the potential negative effects of its use and how parents can protect their children from such dangers. While these programs are valuable, they ignore the many positive aspects of digital media, including the ways that it can contribute to the child’s development, enhance the parent-adolescent relationship and provide tools that can strengthen and extend child rearing skills.

Contact us for more information or if you’d like to host an eParenting® class.

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Home-alone-logo_2Home Alone –  Are Your Children Ready for Self-Care

As your child grows more independent, parents begin to consider the possibility of having them stay home alone, rather than being cared for by others. This can be a rewarding experience for children and parents, but only if the children are ready and prepared.

Calumet County UW-Extension offers an online program that educates parents and their children on readiness for self-care, home alone plans, safety and alleviating fear and boredom when children are home alone.

Visit our Home Alone online program for more information, as well as to register and begin the lesson plan. Remember, parents and children should complete this entire program together.

Please contact Paula Hella, Family Living Educator for information at 920-849-1450.

Boomerang LogoBoomerang Character Education Program

The Boomerang Character Education Program is a thought-provoking series for 4th through 8th grades, where youth learn character traits that prepare them to become positive, productive members of their family, school, and community.  It emphasizes character and life skills development as well as learning through experience.

Each monthly session consists of a learning experience focused on a different character trait.  The program was created using the Native American Circle of Courage model of youth development, which focuses on the four basic needs youth have to have met in order to become persons of good character.

Boomerang gives high school youth the opportunity to be Team Teachers and lead elementary students through character building educational activities.   For more information, please read our Boomerang Brochure.