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CAHCE: Calumet Area Home and Community Education


U-Can imageU-CAN Coalition

Do you enjoy being active? Are you interested in health and wellness? Is a healthy community important to you? If so, learn more about our local coalition, U-CAN (Calumet Action Now) Coalition.  U-CAN focuses on nutrition and physical activity. The coalition’s mission is to empower Calumet County residents to build and embrace healthy lifestyles through education and opportunities. To learn more about U-CAN, please call 849-1432 or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

real colors imageReal Colors Workshop

If you had a key that would unlock the answers to human behavior, would you use it? Imagine having the knowledge to truly understand yourself and others, without requiring years of study. The Real Colors® Personality Instrument is a simple, easy to administer system for identifying temperament. It provides users with an effective tool for understanding human behavior, for uncovering motivators specific to each temperament and for improving communication skills. Most importantly, it is easy to incorporate into all areas of your life.

It can help you achieve higher levels of success, personally and professionally.  To learn more about Real Colors® and how to bring it to your organization, please contact us at 920-849-1450 Ext 4 or email Paula.